the perfect bookcase


we read the kids a lot of books, because they love it. especially before bedtime, we have to watch ourselves not reading them five books, ha! but we never had a good bookcase, so the books were wandering around our house, on a shelf, on the beds, on the floor.

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we love to spend time with family and try to do little daytrips as much as possible. a day at the farm with my parents in law <3. photos by me.

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my kids close


what is better than working while your kids are sort of close to you? i designed a skin cover for my laptop and case for my iphone with caseapp and look how it turned out. it makes me happy when i look at it, let alone all the compliments i get while working in a coffeebar or cafe.

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we had the opportunity to go on a lovetrip together, thanks to my mom. last year we went on our first holiday together, mauritius, which was awesome. but somehow this trip to barcelona was better, we were more relaxed, more focussed on eachother and the weather was a lot better [that also helps a lot!].

in this blogpost i tell you a bit about what we have done and where to go, when you are just the two of you. but i have to say that barcelona is a suitable city to travel with the kids, with a lot of playgrounds and the beach.

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ik hou weinig boekjes bij, behalve ons familiefotoalbum. maar voor jack hou ik jaarlijks dit verjaardagsboek bij. het heet Hip Hip Hoera en komt van uitgeverij Stratier. in dit boekje kun je jaarlijks een verslag van de verjaardag schrijven [samen met je kind, of niet] – en een foto plakken – zie ook de foto’s hieronder. je kunt invullen wat voor taart er is gegeten, wat voor cadeaus er zijn gegeven en wat voor activiteiten er zijn gedaan. wie er langs zijn geweest en of alle kaarsjes in een adem zijn uitgeblazen.

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garden makeover


onze tuin is het ondergeschoven kindje en we hebben het in de basis af, maar eigenlijk moet er ook nog heel veel gebeuren [dingen afmaken he, dat is met kinderen toch wel een dingetje geworden]. ik zit nooit lekker als het niet mooi aangekleed is, maar sinds kort zit ik weer goed ;-)! we hebben nieuwe planten, nieuwe kussens, nieuwe aankleding, nieuwe lampjes, i love it! & het grootste gedeelte komt van Blokker!

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a wild animal themed birthday party. dream of every child right? well, i hope so. at least they loved the cake. i grabbed my camera to make an impression of the deco and the afternoon. i was going for more pictures of the kids, but as they kept me entertained all noon & guests waiting for drinks, i couldn’t took more pictures than this. have a look and maybe, be inspired for your party!

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our first month with a baby

let’s describe our first month with a baby in just one word: overwhelming. totally unprepared & on cloud nine is how we went into our newborn bubble. our world decreased twice in size. the feeling ‘what on earth happened to us’ all over the time. positive & negative. we had a really good start and first week. first, lets tell something about the birth.

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geboortekaartjes waren bij de geboortes van alledrie onze kinderen een ondergeschoven kindje op onze to do lijst wat ik pas regelde op het laatste moment. dat kwam niet alleen door de drukte van ons leven op dat moment [lees: trouwen, huis kopen, verhuizen], maar ook omdat ik niet goed wist wat ik wilde en waar ik wat leuks kon vinden.

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hometour pt. 1


i am writing this blogpost for several reasons. first, i get a lot of questions about my interior. second, i still want to change a lot of things and this is for me a sort of ‘before’ blogpost. third, i want to show it isn’t perfect. after all, i am very very happy with our home. happy how far we have come.

you can read in our story how fast our life went in the past three years. we married, got three children, bought a house and renovated it. well, that consumes looooads of money. it also consumes a lot of time. and it causes a lot of stress ;-). so that are three things why our home is not finished yet and that is also why i am happy with how it is now.

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