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we had the opportunity to go on a lovetrip together, thanks to my mom. last year we went on our first holiday together, mauritius, which was awesome. but somehow this trip to barcelona was better, we were more relaxed, more focussed on eachother and the weather was a lot better [that also helps a lot!].

in this blogpost i tell you a bit about what we have done and where to go, when you are just the two of you. but i have to say that barcelona is a suitable city to travel with the kids, with a lot of playgrounds and the beach.

what i enjoyed the most of this trip is to have full attention for my husband and also for myself. we decided not to use any screens during this trip, on which we partly succeeded. we read books, left our phones in our hotel during our trips [i actually havn’t used it the whole four days], talked a lot, relaxed a lot. just doing nothing for a couple of minutes, just stare. looking at beautiful things, like the sea or a mountain. finding rest. and we found it.


we have been to barcelona for four days [left in the morning, back in the evening], so we stayed there for three nights. we slept in hotel brummell and that was an awesome experience. i booked it just on how it looks, and it was even better in real. the atmosphere and staff and the design, all perfect & friendly. if you want to go to barcelona and sleep in an airbnb instead of an hotel, then go for breakfast or lunch to brummell. it is cheap and good.


we had a bath on our terrace, been in there every day. i used to take a bath every two days in my life before the kids. well guess how often that happens nowadays ;-). so i really loved it to have so much time to go in this bath daily.


we had daily breakfast in the hotel but went out for lunch and dinner most of the time. my recommendations for lunch:

orion – we had a salad and a sandwich. delicious. and good coffee.

bar lobo – tapas; i liked it, but don’t order the potatoes and chicken. to much fat in both. but the rest was good.

and for dinner:

gallito – next to the beach, awesome vibes. we just had a drink here, but heard that the food is also good.

pez vela – reallllly good food and nice interior, but quite expensive for the portions. but next to the beach, so it was worth it.

toto – my favourite from our trip. mainly antipasti; but you can also choose a pizza, pasta or a menu. italian minded.



we only did one sightseeing thing in those four days [because after two years of hard work, i prefer to relax hahaha!] – we took the cable car ride from the montjuïc. mainly because it was just around the corner of our hotel and from our room we faced the montjuïc. so no further recommendations when it comes to sightseeing.



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