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Mamamargaritha colouring on magnetic bords at daycare

the twins are doing really well at daycare. it took them eight weeks to get used and relax but now they are waving me goodbye. my motherheart is more than happy. happy and relieved.

in september i decided is was time for daycare for the kids. like really time. i was exhausted and looking forward for some days that i could be someone else than mother. the work for my instagram [and blog] was taking a lot of time and i couldn’t handle it anymore without some days without the kids. so i started looking around for a good place to bring my kids.

i visited a couple of child care centers in our neighbourhood. important things to me with choosing one were:

  • using a day routine which is similar to mine
  • fresh food and no use of sugar
  • a good feeling and connection between me and the staff
  • different activities with the staff, like baking cookies, playing outside, painting
  • last but not least; a daycare where i could bring them soon, i hadn’t time to wait for a couple of months.

and yes, i found one! the staff was really helpful and we managed it to get started with daycare in two weeks. the twins are going for almost three months now, two days a week. i am bringing them at het paleisje in nesselande. i am very happy that the twins are feeling comfortable there, just like me. it is very nice to see always the same faces. the staff never changes and i think that is why the twins love it to come back. and i am also happy that i now feel like i made the right choice for them [and for me!].


this blogpost is created in partnership with het paleisje but as always, all thoughts and words are entirely my own. i am thankful to work with amazing partners to make this blog possible.



  1. Stella de Smit-Kralt

    December 15, 2016 at 5:36 pm

    Fijn hoor! ik heb zelf in de kinderopvang gewerkt en hoorde ook vaak die dingen terug die jij noemt, met als stipt op nummer 1 ‘de vaste gezichten’. Zo fijn voor kids! Geen idee of Lewis ooit in de toekomst gebruikt gaat maken van kinderopvang (zo prijzig), maar die dingen vind ik ook heel belangrijk 🙂 Fijn dat je mannetjes nu een plekje hebben en jij even een paar dagen je handen vrij

    1. mamamargaritha

      December 17, 2016 at 5:59 pm

      ja, ik denk dat het ook best voor de hand liggende dingen zijn, maar zo belangrijk! het is erg duur hoor, zeker als je het vergelijkt met gastouderopvang. vorige week heb ik weer eens het sommetje berekend [kun je beter niet doen als je al gekozen hebt haha!] en echt het scheelt behoorlijk. maar ik heb het er voor over en we kunnen het missen [bezuinigen op kleding kon toch geen kwaad ;-)]. X

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