my oldest.

my dreamer.

i love how he curls up between my legs when he comes to cuddle on the couch.

i love his blue eyes, which he inherited from his father.

i love his funny jokes; following by his ‘das glappig’ [funny in dutch].

i love his imagination, making clashes with his vehicles while singing songs and..

i love how he invent songs by himself, mostly about his cars.

i love how he is saying ‘hi’ to every passenger when we are out for a walk.

i love how he loves to get a massage from me, just laying down snoring.

i even love his extremely straight hair which gives the shivers to every hairdresser ;-).

i love it when he asks where george and james are when they are not at home or asleep.

i love how he can watch in ‘nothing’, just being in his innerself.

i love you jack.

because i want to remember.




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  1. Arab

    January 20, 2017 at 11:06 am

    He so much looks like you. hugs to jack

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