hometour pt. 1


i am writing this blogpost for several reasons. first, i get a lot of questions about my interior. second, i still want to change a lot of things and this is for me a sort of ‘before’ blogpost. third, i want to show it isn’t perfect. after all, i am very very happy with our home. happy how far we have come.

you can read in our story how fast our life went in the past three years. we married, got three children, bought a house and renovated it. well, that consumes looooads of money. it also consumes a lot of time. and it causes a lot of stress ;-). so that are three things why our home is not finished yet and that is also why i am happy with how it is now.



first, our hallway. it is small and dark and i am not planning to let it look any nicer, because i am going to buy all the storage i can find at ikea next year. you have to go somewhere with your stuff as a family of five right?


when you walk into our living room this is what you see. that is what i mean with stuff ;-). very happy with our fireplace, we never used it yet because the flue needs to get cleaned. but next year i hope to light it.


our living room as you know it from my instagram. getting back to the storage again, lot of storagespace under the couch as you can see ;-).

couch: ikea
arpet: karwei
tv cabinet: ikea with topper from gamma
curtain: luxaflex duette
toys storage: ikea


officially the first prints in our home. still looking for a wall lamp next to it in the colour of the hands of the clock [gold/messing]. tips anyone?

posters: juniqe
frames: ikea
clock: zuiver





view from the living room and the kitchen on the dining table. we had the ixxi mona lisa at the white wall but i ruined it while cleaning [yes i am as clumsy as a donkey] and for now i am fine with the white wall because it works perfect for my pictures ;-).

kitchen table: het kabinet
hanging lamp: hornbach
kitchen chairs: dille & kamille // karwei // stokke baby



one of the nicest things i have ever done is picking my own kitchen! so much fun to do! still very happy with it, allthough i want to do something about the decoration and storage. i want it a bit cleaner but also cosier, goal for next year.

kitchen: kvik


coffee corner. i would like to make this corner more scandinavian looking. for now, it’s fine.

hanging lamp: bloomingville



i think i have bare showed this perspective of the twins room. i am not very happy with it. i choose the wallpaper because i really liked it but it is very hard to find items and accessoires that go well with it. so at the moment i am even thinking to replace it in the future with something else.

wallpaper: ferm living
cribs: ikea
pinesblanket: latelier de juliette
kitchen: ikea


the corner i am happy with and well known on my instagram ;-).

carpet: ferm living
wallstickers: ferm living
bench: lemodi
lamp: mrmariadesign


jacks room. i love it. the most finished room of the house.

bed: petit amélie
bedding: bibelotte bedding
nighttable: action


cards: little indians
crossstickers: bibelotte bedding




our bathroom is very small and dark. it is hard to make a proper picture of it. but it has all we need, a bath ánd a shower ánd a toilet.

mirror: ikea
cabinet: kvik
tiles: hornbach
washtub: plieger via sanitairwinkel
crane: plieger via sanitairwinkel



the most unfinished room of the house. oh no, that is the attic. but it still need something ;-). our bedroom. but since we are planning to renovate our attic [see shocking pictures below haha] we are not going to finish our current bedroom [in terms of accessoires]. we are going to renovate our attic this winter, in january, and we are going to make our new master bedroom over there. i am getting really excited about it when i think of it. we are going to make the whole floor our own department of the house [together with the laundry ;-)]. i hope to have a lot of me and we time over there. only waiting for better nights with the kids…

bed: ikea
bedding: hema
nighttable: ikea, painted
chair: flea market
dresser: ikea
mirror: ikea
rug: ikea



some common specs:
white color on doors, walls and ceiling: RAL9010
green color in the living room: ‘duif’ uit de kaartenbak bij de gamma
floors: laminate ‘loft kiezel’ from vtwonen
black doorhandles: hornbach

i am looking forward to next year, when i can a post/posts with the changes we made. thanks, as always, for reading.


  1. Anouk

    December 18, 2016 at 8:57 pm

    Wat een gezellig huis hebben jullie!! bij hebben ze trouwens hele
    Leuke wandlampen, geen idee of het je stijl is, maar ze zijn messing en zwart ( )

    1. mamamargaritha

      December 19, 2016 at 9:20 am

      jaaa, zoiets zoek ik dus! dit is een hele leuke. ik twijfel alleen of ik ‘m nog iets dichter bij de muur wil hebben. even nachtje over slapen :-). x

  2. Anouk

    December 19, 2016 at 2:59 pm

    heerlijk eerlijk!! Zo fijn om eens binnen te mogen kijken! Ik doe graag inspiratie op bij jullie!
    Heel mooi! Prachtige stijl! Een echte thuis!

  3. Stella de Smit-Kralt

    December 21, 2016 at 3:08 pm

    oh meid wat herkenbaar! hier ook zo on-af huis want wat moet je toch lang sparen voor sommige dingen (als je 1 inkomen hebt) maar daardoor leer je wel andere dingen te waarderen. Wij hebben hier ook die projecten hoor: 2 trappen, lelijke retro plafonds nog hier en daar, de zolder waar de dakkapel er af gaat en er een dakraam in moet en lelijke retro badkamer met kranky geiser. Yup, dat gaat niet in 1x. Maar jullie zijn al goed op weg!

  4. Ramona

    December 29, 2016 at 7:31 pm

    May I ask how many bathrooms do you have in total? We live in an 160m2 appartment but we only have 1 (one!!) bathroom. And we too are a family of five. We either wanna move into a new home, either build more bedrooms and two bathrooms in the attic.

  5. Arab

    January 20, 2017 at 11:03 am

    Love your Instagram stories. I wait for them. love your insta and your blog too. your home is beautiful and I like what you are doing to it. Ohhh and the boys are soooo cute… bless you and your lovely family. A curious question from a non-scandinavian… please tell me, what does it mean that you want to make the coffee corner more (scandinavian)? Thankssss… Keep all this inspiration going <3

  6. Denise

    July 3, 2017 at 7:18 pm

    Hi margaritha,
    Ik zie dat jullie de soderhamn bank van de Ikea hebben.
    Nu willen wij deze ook dolgraag aanschaffen in het wit maar ook wij hebben 4 kids En 1 op komst, wat zijn jou ervaringen qua kleur bank icm kleine jongens ;)! Let me know!! Thx!!!

  7. Jo

    March 5, 2018 at 9:10 pm

    Very nice to see a family with renovation still happening, we’re in the same boat !

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