how i edit & print my photos


iso 640 // f/2.0 // 1/400

the most common question: which app do you use for your photos? which preset? on your phone? etc. etc. so i think it is time for a blog post ;-). i combined it with together with where and how to print the photos.


i love to edit. I have loved it since forever. it was my ‘me time’ when the kids were little [like baby little], although i was not really sure what i was doing and that is exactly the point when it comes to editing, sometimes i still have no clue what i am doing. because basically finding your own style is all about sliding those sliders until you find the colors you like.

i started with an iPhone 4 and the app VSCO. that was about three years ago. the time i liked it to edit my pictures very light with a lot of white. been there done that! i used the filter HB2 in VSCO for a very long time, together with A6 [now and then]. i still use these filters for some pics in my stories [yes i also edit the pics for my stories, #sorrynotsorry]. and sometimes, like once in a month for an instagrampost, but most of the time i use Lightroom by now. the only way learning Lightroom [for me] was by watching tutorials, i have watched quite a lot haha! the first months I struggled with what I liked, how I wanted my photos to look, and most of all comparing my pictures with other photographers. which isn’t a bad thing at all, I believe it is part of your way to find your own style. same with presets. i bought, [yes I bought] presets. the vsco presets for Lightroom, never using them though. but with preset [please do download some free ones, doesn’t matter if you like them or not] you can learn what those sliders actually do to your photo. it really helped me when finding my own tones and style to play around with what was already out there.

you can see i like warm toned photos, with a good contrast, some blacks and i take the greens a bit down a little. i developed my own preset in Lightroom and now it is so easy for me to edit in one style. after i apply the preset i continue to edit but at least the base for every photo is the same. after the preset i play around with the lightning, shadows, colours etc. until I think it is perfect for
that picture. because every picture is different, the moment is different and the lightning in that moment is different every picture needs a different approach.

i like to keep my photos a little bit raw and real as well, so i am only editing the tones a bit, but not changing colors dramatically. i like a warm toned skin, so thats probably where you can see the biggest change. i make everyone looking more tanned in Lightroom haha!

but always, the photo starts at the camera. i like to shoot in manual, so i have full control over the camera. i have put the exif settings under each photo and of course some before and afters for you!
[i use a canon 6d + sigma 35mm lens]


iso 100 // f/2.2 // 1/640


iso 100 // f/2.0 // 1/800


iso 320 // f/2.2 // 1/60 
the kids were sleeping here so i could push my shutter speed all the way down to keep my iso low. when they are moving around i like to use 1/250 as my lowest standard for shutter speed.


iso 100 // f/2.0 // 1/1600

print your memories

of course you don’t have to edit your photos before printing it! i like to do it that way, but that is from a photographer viewpoint. i am like, ‘oh, all the photos need to have the same tones’ – comparing them for literally 2 hours before loading them into the printing software. but you don’t have to do that of course! do it your way. like i did it my way.

i printed our last two albums at Albelli, for two reasons:

  1. i love the quality of the albums, the photos are really sharp and the colors true to the photos i submitted [all you want as a photographer]
  2. making an album, especially when you don’t edit your photos, is so easy. with the second album it only took me 40 minutes! [all you want as a mom!]

i have used the mobile app for the first albums [a big and two small ones] and for the albums i ordered last month i used the desktop app. both are really easy to use, but when it comes to my photos i like to use the desktop app [as my photos are quite big in size and already on my external harddrive, logistical reason]. but if you are using photos from Instagram, like i did for our first two small albums, then the mobile app works soooo good.

when it comes to photo arrangement in albums, i like full page photos, or just two or three on a page. but when you are doing year-albums for your kids that would be impossible, well for me, because I have so much photos, then it would be a 300 page book. i am going to make their year-albums soon, so i will show you how i do that later, in my stories on Instagram. for the cover i went for a full photo cover. i like to give our albums a place in our interior so people who are here to visit us can watch our albums. i love to show around my kids, just like every mom right?

last but not least, i do make those albums for my kids. i hope they love them, because the only thing when making an album i can think about: ‘will they like it when they are 15 years older?’. we will find out ;-).


2018-06-04_0009.jpgmany thanks to albelli for this collaboration, so my blog can actually excist. 

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