our attic


we renovated our attic last year to make a place to sleep for ourselves, including a bathroom. to see what our attic looked like before these pictures check it out overhere [scroll down].

lucky us emma sent us one of their awesome matrasses. i really looked forward to it because our old one made my back hurt a lot. so i was curious if this one would be better. to be honest, the first two weeks by backache turned into a havier pain, i woke up a several times during the night because of it. but after the first weeks, it slightly disappeared. all of it!!!! in the first month i didn’t even realised it, so smooth it went away. but now, i am the happiest!

cool fact about the matras is that it is best tested in five countries, also the netherlands [tested by Consumentenbond!]. at this moment emma is a start-up and active in eleven countries, which is awesome in my opinion [i know from my husbands work how hard it is to work in different countries].

check out the pictures how easy it is to unfold the matras!

we also bought a new bed [ikea]. we picked a light grey colour for the walls [ps-1027 karwei] and bought a new desk [ikea]. the flooring in the bathroom is what i liked the most of all, i ordered the tiles at praxis. white laminate flooring is also ikea and some accessoires are from loods 5.

only one thing is missing in my opinion. i need some contrast in terms of colours. it is all a bit to pale for me now, so i am thinking of a black/grey/navy old wardrobe/closet or repaint some walls. i am not sure about it yet. maybe you can help me by sharing your idea ;-).


many thanks to emma matras for this collaboration, so my blog can actually excist.

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  1. Liesbeth

    March 8, 2018 at 5:19 pm

    Heel erg mooi! Ik las dat het bed bij Ikea vandaan komt, mag ik vragen welk merk? Ideaal met die lades! En bevalt de vloer van de ikea?

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