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our first month with a baby

let’s describe our first month with a baby in just one word: overwhelming. totally unprepared & on cloud nine is how we went into our newborn bubble. our world decreased twice in size. the feeling ‘what on earth happened to us’ all over the time. positive & negative. we had a really good start and first week. first, lets tell something about the birth.

my labour started at 7pm and the first five hours went very smooth. i was able to do it all on myself and was total in control of my body. after five hours the midwife arrived and i was 5cm dilated, i was over the moon. then she checked up on jacks heartbeat but couldn’t find it so we went to the hospital – the plan was a home birth. the next hours in the hospital the dilation took a very long time, especially the last two cm, because – it turned out – jack was in a star gazing position and not pushing the right way with his head. but after looooong hours i was finally allowed to push. the most hardest part of a labour in my eyes, because i hadn’t any feeling to push. not for all the two hours i pushed. the most negative remember of jack’s birth, but after two hours there he was, healthy and all. i will never forget that feeling. i would like to do a thousands births, just for that satisfying feeling after it [yes i know it sounds mad, but really, that feeling is everything].


the first week with jack was amaaaazing. he slept all day, i felt good and we had a lovely nurse. we took it really slow, stayed in bed a lot & enjoyed all the baby snuggles while having a sore down under ;-). it was perfect. i feel blessed for this experience.


i started breastfeeding. it went not really smooth. i was not dedicated. i was not prepared. so i quit after five weeks. all i say about breastfeeding ;-).

the most underestimated part was the sleeping part. i thought babies are sleeping all day and night. well, that is the part i wasn’t prepared for. we hadn’t have any babies in our surroundings, no friends with a baby, no family with a baby. no one who told us what is going to be like. living like a zombie with only just a couple of hours sleep [if you are lucky]. because i got focussed on sleep so much i didn’t feel happy the first couple of months with jack. such a pity, because if you just focus on the good things, you CAN be happy as a new mom with a newborn. i know, because of the first months with the twins ;-). lucky us, jack is born in may & we could let him sleep outside during summer [during the days] in our hammock. it was the perfect way to swing him asleep.



we lived in the center of rotterdam and i wanted to go outside very soon after jack’s birth. because i could do everything by foot, i was outside with him every day. after four weeks we even visited a small festival in town. it felt amazing to be able to do that & to show jack our world and show him to the world.


after all, we had a super duper good first month, healthy wise. but i still remember the very tough times i went through, just because i didn’t know how to handle all the new feelings, hormons and sleepless nights. regarding the sleepless part, it turned out in the 10th week that jack was suffering from reflux [like a lot of babies] and that was why he wasn’t sleeping for not longer than 15-30 min every time. but a consolation to all the moms with a newborn reflux baby, it will get better ;-). jack is now sleeping [a sort of] through the night & when i watch all these pictures, i wish i could turn back the time, to enjoy the little thing more.



  1. Judith

    March 24, 2017 at 9:51 pm

    Zo lief zo klein en zo bijzonder!
    Mijn dochtertje (nu 4.5mnd) was ook een sterrenkijkertje… heftig en pijnlijk maar gelukkig toch nog uit zichzelf gedraaid en toen binnen een half uur persen geboren, ik zou het ook zo weer overdoen ♡♡
    Ik volg je op ig, hoewel het een drukke bedoeling is… je hebt een prachtig gezin

  2. Eline

    March 24, 2017 at 10:11 pm

    Ooh wat mooi en bijzonder!!! En je mooie huisje 😩❤

  3. Femke

    March 25, 2017 at 9:23 am

    Via Instagram op je blog beland. Wat mooi om te lezen over de eerste maand, zo eerlijk en echt. Zou je ook eens een blog willen wijden aan ‘dingen die je had willen weten toen je voor het eerst moeder werd’? Ik ben wel benieuwd wat dat voor dingen zijn (zelf mommy-to-be, begin augustus verwachten we onze zoon)..

  4. Mili

    April 5, 2017 at 9:55 pm

    The best post ever 😉 a lot of beautiful fotos 🙂

  5. Melody

    May 4, 2017 at 11:03 pm

    I loved to read your story, i remember my own story with my baby, all the good and not so good moments we had, but all perfect, thats a family 💕
    Thanks for sharing, i love the pictures too, lots of kisses 💞

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